Thursday, May 10, 2012

V Wicked Tease – 05/10

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Chapter 2 of "A Spirited Girl" by mcgt (Caius & Bella)

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"A Spirited Girl" by mcgt
Caius & Bella, Hurt/Comfort, AU-NM, MA/NC-17
Summary: When Jane met up with Bella in the meadow, she was begging the vampire to take her life. To take her away from the misery of her memories of Edward. Instead, Jane takes her to Volterra, where she may just find her future. NEW MOON AU OOC

*** Chapter 2 Teaser ***
The end of three days was quickly approaching. True to my word, I hadn’t left her side but twice. The first was to gather a wash basin to clean her up a little after I’d pushed my venom through her wrists, thighs and neck. I knew it wouldn’t really speed things up too much, but had to try anyways, understanding the agony she would be experiencing.

Of course the placement of her femoral artery also gave me a reason to gaze down at her nearly naked form without considering myself…creepy. Her skin was almost as pale as my own, a marvel in and of itself. Her creamy complexion called to me, and it took all my will not to run my hands down her silky skin. But I promised her I’d be respectful, and I knew even though she appeared to not be conscious, she could hear, feel and smell everything going around her.

I had spent much of the last few days running my hands soothingly through her long hair, and talking with her, hoping she would recognize me once the change was complete. Otherwise it would be a struggle for me to contain her if she decided to fight against me. Waking up in a new, virtually indestructible body, with overly sensitive senses was disorienting and daunting to every newborn.

Leaving her side the previous day, I captured a lone hiker, draining the man of his blood to make Isabella’s first feeding as quick and easy as possible. I didn’t relish the cleanup that came with a newborn’s first attempt either, we’d save that for our first hunt when we were outside and could just dig a hole to dispose of the mess.

Hearing Isabella gasp loudly beside me, I realized her eyes had fluttered open, a confused yet feral look contained within.

“And Sleeping Beauty is awake,” I said, smiling and taking a step away from the bed, allowing her space to get up and acclimate to her surroundings.
She pounced off the bed with a leap, pinning me up against the wall and asking me who the fuck I was.


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