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Blog Tour {Review & Giveaway}—Fraction of Stone by Kelley Lynn

Stopping by The LUV'NV today is the Fraction of Stone blog tour, organized by Xpresso Book Tours.
We got to read and review this lovely YA Fantasy, and you can enter to win one of five eBook copies!

Fraction of Stone
by Kelley Lynn
Book #1 of Fraction series
Publication: March 21st 2013 by Sapphire Star Publishing
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

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Wind tunnels, torrential rains and earthquakes tear apart Casden. The cause of the world’s imbalance is unknown, but the mounting occurrences suggest there’s little time before life ceases to exist.

Rydan Gale and Akara Nazreth are the only humans with the ability to wield magic. The tattoo on their necks and the discovery of an ancient book, dictate they are the key to the world’s survival.

But the greatest obstacle for saving mankind isn’t the bizarre creatures, extreme betrayals and magic-fearing men hunting them.

It’s that Akara doesn’t believe the world is worth saving.

Fraction of Stone  started with an epic battle scene. I was immediately pulled into the story with the details of this fantasy world's war, the dynamics between one greedy side and one serene yet charged, and how one girl suffered like no other on its sidelines. Akara Nazreth, the female protagonist, enslaved, hidden, and abused, made my heart clench the very first chapter. Her voice is visceral, her need to end her torment so palpable, I was gripping my Kindle as I read as quickly as possible, completely engrossed and needing to know what happened next.

And oh, did I grow a little angry as well. The opposing side seemed to flourish under the world's deteriorating circumstances. Rydan Gale, Akara's matching rival, for he's the only other person like her who wields magic, has a charmed life, treated like a prince, with no hardship or care whatsoever. He's naive, expectant, and in denial about his damaging role in the war.

But then it's his optimism and almost-innocence that made me love him. Where Akara understandably sees only the worst in the world, Rydan only looks at and seeks the good. As these two are thrown together because of their rare race and dying world, they teach and help each other grow. She realizes she's worth saving and that the world she despises so much is as well, while Rydan soon wants to save the world solely for her, so that she can experience one without limits and pain. Their relationship and personal development was wonderful. I felt it in my bones, and it made me want to soar.

The setbacks for me was, one, the lack in world magnitude. The physical setting and elemental aspects were there, but I didn't connect with anyone but Akara, Rydan, and (later) Tristan. With a plot that's about saving the world, I need more than a few characters to fall in love with. Two, the complexity in the magic—its limits, how it worked and related in the grand scheme of things—fell a little flat for me. It seemed too ... easy. There wasn't a lot of depth or explanation about it, and I would've liked to see more of Rydan training Akara with her ability. Also, the writing felt choppy at times, but that was easily overlooked with the action-packed plot.

All in all, Fraction of Stone  was enjoyable read. I look forward to the rest of the series and would recommend the book to fans and new lovers of YA Fantasy that focuses on budding characters and relationships.

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Favorites lines:

Kara stopped, placing a hand on a trunk on either side of him, her face close to his. "I don't believe this world is worth saving. But I believe you are. So I'll make sure you continue living."
... "I'm a part of this world, Kara," he whispered.
... "You deserve better than this world, Rydan."
That smile. Something so simple with such a profound effect. He could easily recall, even though it was the next morning, how the smiled jumped from her to him ... and how it transformed her! Rydan knew he was slightly superficial, always an eye for the attractive girls. He would not describe Kara as beautiful. Profound, intriguing, intelligent. Yes. Beautiful? No.
But when she smiled ... you could add beautiful to the list. Because that smile didn't just stay on her face, it flowed to every part of body, releasing a flood of emotions that couldn't help but be absorbed by those around.

* Notes that quotes are taken from the uncorrected eARC.*

Kelley Lynn

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During Kelley Lynn’s last year at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, while pursuing her degree in Chemical Engineering, the voices in her head got the best of her. Surprisingly, they didn’t want to talk about process flow diagrams and heat capacity. They preferred the fantastical. So instead of turning to her Thermodynamics book, Kelley brought up a blank page on her computer screen and wrote.

Come graduation, not only did Kelley have a diploma and, thankfully, a wonderful job, but she had a new obsession as well. Amidst the order and exactness that came with the nine to five, Kelley found a way to create; to determine the rules of a world and take her characters to the limits of what was possible. Perhaps she has a slight control complex.

The first in the series, Fraction of Stone, was born on an airplane and took ten days to write. It probes the question, should the world be saved if there’s no one in it worth saving?

When briefly managing to quiet the voices, Kelley participates in softball, soccer and volleyball. (You probably don’t want her on your volleyball team. Unless you want to laugh.) She lives with her sister and her dog who can attest to the chair that has Kelley’s butt print permanently pressed into it. Depending on the weekend, you might be able to hear Kelley sing for an area classic rock band.

Kelley Lynn is a member of the Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators.

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  1. Raina,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to review my work! I really appreciate such an honest review. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Kelley Lynn

    1. You're more than welcome! Fraction of Stone was a pleasure to read, and I really am looking forward to where you take your characters next. Thanks for stopping by. It means a great deal when an author considers and appreciates a reader's review, no matter the content. Good luck with the rest of the tour and next installment!