Sunday, March 31, 2013

Fan Fic Event: No Boundaries Challenge & Readers Giveaway

And so the lion fell in love
with the She Wolf.

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Brought to you by the creators of Fandom Fanatic & She Wolf Awards

Bridging the gap between both vamp and wolf lovers in a unique one shot contest featuring Leah Clearwater, our she wolf, with any of our favorite Twilight vamps (*coughs* The Volturi. The LUV'NV votes Volturi. *coughs*). Nothing is off limits—there are no boundaries.

Fandom Fanatic and She Wolf Awards have paired up to hold another No Boundaries contest, with Printing Paws, Tricky Raven, and us, The LUV'NV, as their contest hosts. That's right, contest hosts. We love the wolves and non-canon pairings as much as She Wolf Awards and Fandom Fanatic do. We'll be posting the contest as well as its giveaway on our sites. You can enter on any and all of the participating sites, blog hop style.

To get everyone inspired and excited, Fandom Fanatic and She Wolf Awards will be running a promo of No Boundaries stories and graphics throughout the month of April. The LUV'NV will also be showing love for a few, too. If you would like to spread the love, please grab the No Boundaries avi and contact SWA at

For those of our readers who don't know, fan fic is fan-based fiction. Readers write stories with characters from books they flove and can't let die—in this case, Twilight. Fics can be canon and follow the original series's timeline, expanding on it or deviating it. They can include any pairing, even (especially!) non-canon, with entirely different rules and universes; for example, an all-human Edward with a vampire Bella or a Volturi Carlisle with an original character. Really, the possibilities are endless. Fics are posted on various sites like and TWCS and can be multiple chapters or one chapter (a.k.a. a short story or one shot).

Some of you may have even read published fan fic, like Wallbanger and 50 Shades of Gray. (If you have any questions regarding fan fic, you can leave a comment below or email us at

For the No Boundaries contest, Leah is the beloved star. Check out the rules and all the info to enter what your imagination conjures and your fingers itch to put on digital paper.

This is an anonymous one shot challenge. Do not spill the beans, or your fic is out.
Pairing must be Leah/Vamp, with the main pairing ending with Leah and a vamp
Leah must be a wolf
Vamps must be a vamp from the Twilight world
Slash is welcomed!
All ratings welcome. Smut is encouraged! J
HEA is not required.
10k word limit (does not include summary, warnings, or title)

Accepting Submissions: May 1st - 20th
Public Voting: May 21st - 30th
Readers Giveaway: May 1st - 30th
Winners Announced: June 4th

1st place: Surprise giveaway, banner, story highlight on Fandom Fanatic & She Wolf Awards
2nd & 3rd place: Banner & story highlight on Fandom Fanatic & She Wolf Awards

Because they love their followers, current and future, Fandom Fanatic and She Wolf Awards are also having a giveaway for all the fandom participants who read and comment on the entries. What's a giveaway without prizes? They have three awesome ones for the winners. Thing is ... you'll have to enter to see what your surprise will be! Enter daily during the entire month of May. Three winners will be chosen on May 30.

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