Saturday, March 9, 2013

Vouched Fic! "Little Black Lies" by JB Rose

"Little Black Lies" by JB Rose
Caius & Bella, AU, NC/17, WIP
Summary: If walls could talk, they could tell you all the lies that they hear... Even the dirty ones. They call them Little Black Lies.

Sometimes in life, bonds of friendship are forged through nothing but like mindedness and delusional thinking. This is one of those bonds being nurtured and grown into something for the ages. While it is not common practice for us here at the V to self pimp, this story is just to marvelous to not share with others. Before you take that to mean that I am using this blog for my own gain, I am not the creator of this story. I was approached by one of my all time favorite fic authors, much to the delight of my inner fan girl, and asked to aid her in writing this story.

The squeal of excitement scared my little one into thinking there was something wrong with me. *giggle*

Anyhoo, a lovely named JB Rose, formally known as Jasper's Black Rose, also known in the Twilight fandom for her completed Jasper/Bella fic 'Once Upon a Vampire', decided to again step out on a limb and cross over to the dark side with all other Volturi lovers. This story was first begun as a challenge piece and has since been revised so that Caius is less a prissy bitch and more the dark and sexy man that we all see him as. *The crowd rejoices*

This is her second dance on this path, her first being a story with the sexy little bastard Alec called "Dreams and Nightmares." This one stars the ever angry and volatile Caius, the youngest of our three rulers.

Common place in non-can strikes again and we start this fic in the throne room of Volterra Palace after Edward's fucked up suicide attempt. Our first chapter starts out in Caius' POV and you learn right away what he thinks of the oldest Cullen Child... he is not a fan. Then again; who is? Chances are, if you're reading non-can staring the Volturi... not you.

And in this story, neither is Bella and it shows when she unknowingly uses her shield to block Edward from being able to hear the thoughts of the Volturi. If that's not enough of a dead giveaway that she is a little testy about the way things went down when Edward left, she calls him out after he tries to get her to come to him after the way he sees Caius looking at her. Now, let's make one thing clear, I don't like Edward, and most people know that. I will never defend his actions against Bella. Alice on the other hand, I will say this. Edward might have gone emo and stupid by TELLING the Volturi about Bella, but YOU were the one to offer her up on a sliver platter... just sayin'.

Moving on.

After a confrontation, and an adorable show of protectiveness by my tracker, Edward and Alice were shown out while Bella was shown to a room. Yup, you guessed it, she ain't going no where. She also doesn't want to.

In this story, there are a few differences that are not normal... and I'm not telling you what they are. I hate giving away the good stuff. Just know that it is awesome and you need to read to find out what they are.

Again, we're moving on so I don't get tempted.

Show of hands... who loves them some sexy Empath? Yup... I'm talking about Jasper. In this story, he is a dirty boy with a naughty side. Turns out, he likes to watch. The first chapter ends with Caius claiming his mate and Jasper watching through a crack in the door doing things unbecoming of a Southern Gentleman. It does leave things open to possibilities for the future and takes your mind down the path that this could turn into a Poly, but as of yet, it is unclear as to what JB has in store for future chapters.

Now, as the start of this post indicates, this is where I come into the mix. After weeks of emails and hashing things out with JB, I wrote the second chapter. So as to not break too many rules, I am going to make this short and give you the highlights. The second chapter is written in 3rd person and shows things from the Cullen Coven's point of view. As with everything else I have a hand in, OOC runs rampant through the text. You get to see what every Cullen thinks of the situation and how they think of Bella. Most of them are on the same page, she belongs to them and they are prepared to do whatever they have to, to get her back.

Including taking on the Volturi to do so.

Silly fuckers. Like that is going to end well.

This is a WIP and only two chapters in, but after speaking with JB, there is hope on the horizon for an update to it soon. Since I know what that update entails, I am going to tell you to keep an eye out for it. It sounds like a good time and something that you're not going to want to miss. My recommendation with this fic is to get in on the ground floor and follow along with the madness my Darling JB has in store for you. It promises to be something of future legend within the fandom and trust me when I say, well worth any wait there is on updates.


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