Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Fics from V Featured Authors

It's a new year and the 15th of the month! Check out the new Twilight fics
that you might have missed from V featured authors.


"The Birds and the Bees" by meliz875

Leah & Quil, Humor, Romance, MA/NC-17, WIP
Summary: Quil is in need of a special kind of lesson and thinks Leah is just the right person to teach him. A fun-shot written specifically for the Fandom Choice Awards winner reveal.

"Secrets of the Heart" by SparklingFae

Leah & Bella, Femmeslash, Romance, Friendship, MA/NC-17, One short
Summary: She was tired of waiting..tonight was the night that she would reveal the truth to her imprint.

"Sweetest Words" by meliz875

Leah & Embry, Angst, Romance, MA/NC-17, WIP
Summary: His hand reached out to her without waiting for permission. He watched her every movement and she watched him, seeing everything she once possessed and everything she could have again. And she wanted this feeling. All the time. Forever. But she knew better than anyone that forever didn't mean a thing. AH/AU.

"How Mommy and Daddy Cameto Be" by idealskeptic

Leah & Edward, Romance, T, One shot
Summary: What happens when a female werewolf imprints on a male vampire? After a few false starts, they let themselves love each other. And they have a baby. The baby grows up to ask a lot of questions about how her mommy and daddy came to be. This is the story of how Leah and Edward answer that question.

"Christmas Dinner" by meliz875

Jacob & Bella, Humor, Family, T, OS
Summary: Bella tackles Christmas dinner head-on for her family, Jacob's family, and a pack of hungry werewolves. She swears she has it under control, but what happens when holiday cheer, eggnog and even the turkey turn against her? Can anything salvage this Christmas dinner disaster? Rated T for potty-mouth werewolves. *First place winner in Tricky Raven's Home for the Holidays contest*


"Overpass" by purelyamuse

Edward & Bella, Romance/Angst, MA/NC-17, WIP
Summary: "I think all the people I love will eventually leave me. Just disappear." "Maybe . . . I don't know . . . maybe we don't need lots of people. Maybe we just need one. And that's enough." BPOV.

Summary: Rosalie tells Bella in Twilight that Esme "makes do" with her substitute children. But is that how Esme sees it, as simply making do? Probably not. ... 25 500 word one-shot drabbles featuring Esme and 25 different Twilight characters to prove she doesn't just "make do." Canon. Random characters, random times.

"You Cannot Hide" by Speklez

Demetri, Alistair, MA/NC-17, WIP
Summary: On a vacation to the fabled city of myth and mystery, twin sisters Destiny and Arietta catch the eye of two of the myths themselves. How do you return to whence you came when you cannot hide from your fate... or the two best trackers in existence? AU, OC, OOC 3RD PPOV, All my normal disclaimers apply. Demetri/OC Alistair/OC

"Their First Christmas" by LJ Summers

Edward & Bella, Spiritual, Supernatural, Family, G, One shot
Summary: From the She Was His First AU, this is the account of how The Emrys's hobby of astronomy takes him, on a particular night, to a certain small town in Judea. A Christmas story for my readers.

"One of the Brightest Lights" by idealskeptic

Alice, Carlisle, Hurt/Comfort, Family, PG-13, One shot
Summary: It's because of James that Alice knows where she came from, and he's why she goes to Mississippi for "personal research" but, could she bring herself to read her file at the asylum? She gives it to Carlisle to read, and he teaches her the difference between who she was and who she is. Canon.

"Say Goodbye" by MariahajilE

Edward & Bella, Hurt/Comfort, Tragedy, MA/NC-17, WIP
Summary: Sadness, anger, acceptance, love. This is the story of Bella Cullen's goodbye.

"Giving Alice Christmas" by idealskeptic

Alice & Jasper, Romance, G, One shot
Summary: Jasper/Alice. Pre-Twilight. Alice isn't an easy person to surprise but Jasper is determined to do it, even after just a year with her. He wants to give her whatever she wants so that she'll always be happy. With Peter and Charlotte's help, he gives her Christmas.


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