Thursday, January 24, 2013

V Wicked Tease – 01/24

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Chapter 7 of "Fix you" by chocaholic123 **Edward & Bella**
Chapter 61 of "Monster" by The.Bloody White.Wolf.xoxo **Emmett & OC**
Chapter 8 of "Silver Moon" by 2Shaes **Leah & OC**

— V Wicked Teasers —
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"Fix You" by chocaholic123
Edward & Bella, Romance, Drama, AH, MA/NC-17, WIP
Summary: Two lives. Different worlds. The ripples from this twelve year collision course will last forever.

*** Chapter 7 Teaser ***
Arriving at Butler Library, she spotted Edward standing on the steps, his blue woollen pea coat buttoned up to the top, a striped scarf hooked around his neck. Bella stopped for a moment, and stared at him, feeling suddenly shy. Should she go and hug him, or would he be expecting a pretentious air kiss? Maybe even a handshake would suffice.

Then he saw her, and his face erupted into a huge smile. All thoughts of embarrassment left her mind, and she ran over to him, throwing her arms around him.

"Oh, my God, it's so good to see you."

"Monster" by The.Bloody White.Wolf.xoxo
Emmett & OC, Angst, Romance, MA/NC-17
Summary: I am a monster—born to protect, yet living only to kill. My humanity is gone, all until one harmless glance changes everything. Just one glance has bound two sworn enemies together. But is it fate or a joke? Can one who has lost herself be found again by another? Or is this another dark, dirty, trick of my own mind? A forbidden passion, heat, and intense anger—this is no fairytale.

*** Chapter 61 Teaser ***
Rockets of color release searing whistles as they shoot into the inky-black sky, puncturing the black with their brilliant colors—crimson, purple, gold, and green. The bursts of colors explode in bursts of raining sparks, lighting up the night sky. Masculine hoots and hollers rate each display while the girls giggle and gasp behind them. I study a line of yellow as it rises before opening with a boom. The sprinkle of its heat scatters across the sky before fading to black.

Taking advantage of the brief moment of darkness, I slip into the forest, unnoticed by the group of half-naked people shouting drunkenly to the sky as another round starts.

I start at a jog. One, two. One, two. Two, one. One, two. The air—stuffy weight in my lungs—enters and exits my body in a steady rythym. It's not long before the voices mute and the bass pounding from the radio fades into nothing.

After a good half-mile, the trees flicker. A massive oak stutters before me, diving into a crooked lean before snapping back into place in the blink of an eye. My breaths are thick and dry in my throat. My bare feet whisper across the brittle ground below as I start to build speed. A knot clenches in my stomach, tight and solid.

And then, out of nowhere, the world's engulfed in flames.

"Silver Moon" by 2Shaes
Leah & OC, Romance/Suspense, MA/NC-17, WIP
Summary: Leah has gotten past the pain of losing Sam, but can she let go of the pain and let love in? Jacob finds love, but can he find the courage to tell her about his wolf? Meanwhile, a new enemy threatens to destroy everyone they hold dear. A Wolf Pack Story

*** Chapter 8 Teaser ***
“Can I ask you something and you promise you won’t get mad at me?” Leah kept her eyes focused out on the crowd.

Seth glanced over at her and nodded his head because his mouth was full.

“What’s going on with you?” Leah lowered her voice. “It’s not like you to be late for pack business, especially when it’s something this important.”

Seth swallowed the last bit of his muffin, but kept his eyes away from Leah’s. “Track practice ran late.”

Leah shook her head, knowingly. She could see through his lies like a glass window.

“Seth, come on.” Leah put a hand on her brother’s shoulder. “Don’t bullshit me. Why are you being so secretive?”

Seth laughed then raised a questioning eyebrow at his sister. “Secretive? This is coming from someone who was dating another Alpha right under everyone’s noses.”

“Okay, first of all, we weren’t dating, then,” Leah said, with a guilty smile. “And second, I just wanted something…”

“Away from all this,” Seth finished. He started peeling the wrapper off his second muffin.

“Yeah.” Leah sighed. “This pack stuff has taken up so much of my life, I’d forgotten who I was. So, yeah, I kept it a secret. I didn’t know that Matt was an Alpha or that he’d come knocking on Jacob’s door, effectively blowing my cover.”

“Yeah, I hate it when that happens,” Seth joked and they both laughed. It was a few moments before he spoke again. “I am seeing someone, but it’s new and I still don’t know how I feel yet.”

Leah looked at him and simply said, “Okay.”


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