Monday, January 21, 2013

Vouched Book & Giveaway! "The Stranger" by Kyra Davis

The Stranger
Kyra Davis
Series: Just One Night trilogy, #1
Publication: January 21st 2013 by Simon & Schuster | Pocket Star
Genre: Erotica, Contemporary Adult

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Kasie knows who she’s supposed to be. But one passionate night with a mysterious stranger will teach her who she wants to be.

You should sleep with a stranger, her best friend whispers in her ear as they take to Vegas for one last pre-wedding fling. Despite her best intentions, when Kasie Fitzgerald enters the casino and sees him, a man whose tailored clothes belied a powerful, even dangerous, presence, she loses herself to the moment. Maybe it’s the dress, much shorter than she’d ever normally wear, or the Scotch, but something makes her give herself over to him more completely than she's ever done with a man before.

It was supposed to be just one night. But right as she’s thinking she wants more, he shows up in her office with an agenda. As the billionaire CEO of a company that’s engaged her PR firm, his demands just became her reality...and he desires so much more than just some attention in the boardroom.

I'm astounded by how much I like this book. When I picked it up, I expected guilty pleasure Erotica, not Contemporary Fiction with depth and a writing style that drew me in, as well. Although I'm no stranger to the either, I am one to stories revolving around infidelity, usually steering clear of them out of principle but also fear. Fear that I'll hate it, get irritated, and waste my time and money, or worse—that I'll love it and ponder what that might say about me and how I rationalize.

But The Stranger  isn’t about sex or infidelity, not really. It's about cheating yourself. It’s about a woman living in a gilded cage and with a facade that she, along with others, has built around herself. It's about how people hold back in life, relationships, and sex.

Adultery may be a part of the plot, and the sex scenes plentiful and so hot that I squirmed, but self-examination and
-discovery is the drive and overall theme. What honesty the female protagonist, Kasie Fitzgerald, lacked with her would-be fiance (they aren't engaged yet), she made up for it in her honest narration. There's a raw realism in the emotions, in the acknowledgement of them, and how one reacts. It made this bookporn edgy and stand out. I couldn't have been more pleased to tread out of my reading comfort zone by starting with The Stranger.

There isn't anything over-the-top—no domineering hero, no whimpering woman, no BDSM. The characters are real and complex, relatable in many aspects. Their circumstances are complicated but not unusual or unheard of. I never felt the less-than-ideal situations were given as an excuse for her to cheat or that someone deserved it, either. I saw it as inevitable. That doesn't make it right but simply a sad fact, an occurrence that happens often and, despite what the summary leads one to think, came about as natural as making a mistake.

Now if only this book was a full novel instead of one that was chopped into thirds, I would've given it five stars. I'm a sucker for cliffhangers, but this time I felt cheated. Though, not enough to be put off and not read the next two books. Kyra Davis's smart writing style, how it flowed and had meaning, is that good.

If you love sinful Erotica with depth, suspense, and that borders guilty fantasy, I highly recommend the The Stranger. The LUV'NV is even giving away three Kindle copies!

eARC courtesy of Simon & Schuster | Pocket Star
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  1. The real and complex characters sell me. Great review.
    Happy reading,
    Brandi @ Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  2. Another book series that I have to buy. I am definitely intrigued. I tend to steer clear of infidelity as well but this trilogy doesn't sound like the 'norm' when it comes to cheating. As always, thanks for sharing!