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Vouched Fic! "Unyielding Devotion" by WhiteWolfLegend

"Unyielding Devotion" by WhiteWolfLegend
Caius & Bella, Romance, Hurt/Comfort, AU, MA/NC-17, Complete
Summary: Finally fed up, Bella snaps from her Zombie State. She goes to the Volturi in seek of help to kill Victoria and to protect all those she loves... But she finds love in an unlikely person, a grandfather she has never met, littered with scars and a life with Immortality.

Have you ever had a time in your life that you wish you could beat the shit out of your past self? Or better yet, has there ever been a moment in your life you do something and just KNOW your past self would beat the shit out of you? Well, in this fun little tale, both happen.

It starts out during Bella's "zombie" stage and it takes a verbal ass whoopen from her past self, the person she was before the Cullens, to finally get her head out of her ass and see the light. It, however, doesn't take long for the Bella of today to want to punch past her in the mouth.

As is the norm with the world of New Moon, Bella teams up with this wolves for protection. However, with the wonderful world of Non-Can, it's not Jacob and she has different plans. This time it's Jared, or Mystery in this story, that lends her the helping hand she's after.

Once she says her noted good-bye to her dad and swings by the Cullen home for a little B&E, she gets a shock in the form of a random note tucked away in Edward's safe. A roasty toasty end to the house, and she heads to the airport. Any ideas where she's heading? If you guessed the den of the Royal Vampires in Volterra Italy, you guessed right.

After self-reflection on the plane, she lands in Florence. Cue in creepy as fuck old lady. She puts Bella in a sun dress, gives her a scaretacular cryptic message, and sends her on her way. Once her final destination is reached, Bella spends the day reading in the Circle Proper, all the while getting the feeling of being watched.

Sunset, Twilight, the safe time for the resident vampires to come and investigate. This is where we get our first encounter with the famed Volturi, Demetri to be exact. After Bella's new backbone shows through, much to the amusement of the guards, she is taken to see the DUN DUN DUNNNN ... Vampire Kings.

Been there, done that, right? Déjà vu kicking in? Well, keep reading and you'll see a definite difference in the way Little Miss WhiteWolf flips scrip on your ass. That difference comes in the form of the silent king, Marcus. While yes, Aro thinks she's awesome because of the shield, Marcus sees something in her that he cannot be without.

Cue Caius and a hissy fit to make a toddler proud. As always, he wants her dead. However, this time it's not her knowledge that brings him to make his demand. It's something else. Marcus, not in the mood for Caius' childishness, gives the youngest ruler a verbal bitch slap and takes Bella into his personal protection after giving Caius an ominous message.

There is some walking, some talking, some bonding ... I know ... let's get the change over with. Well, not really. We're halfway through the fic and there is hardly any issues so far. Well, those come after Bella wakes up and sees Caius just chillin' like a villain in her room, something she takes a little exception to.

Time to get physical ... with her shield. No, she can't control it, but damn those newborns and just doing shit without thinking. Should probably feed the bitch before she fucks some real shit up. No animals for this Bella either. Nope, the human scum of the planet will see the face of death in the form of a baby vampire with unresolved anger issues.

Fat and happy, we're now in the Throne Room. Anyone remember that random note from a few chapters back? Time to meet the author of it. Cheers and tears, it's none other than Peter Whitlock himself, or as Miss Bella calls him, Great Grand-pappy. Are we still confused about the fact that Bella can still see herself, talk to herself, and get a real answer? Not anymore. As he is so good at doing, Peter sheds some light on the situation, though not on all points. Somethings are just better left unsaid, it seems.

Or are they? Guess we'll just have to wait and see for now.

Anyone ready for some cuteness? It's short and sweet, but Caius shows his softer side to Bella and she agrees to TRY and see past the person he was, and to a point still is, and give him a chance. Also, as any girl would do, she begins to second guess her choice in that. Who could ever get through to her and show her the light of the decision she made? The waiting game continues.

Bella begins her training with the guards, and we get a little more insight into the inner workings of the "Ghost of Bella's Past." After she is finally able to take down both Felix and Demetri, training is called to a close. However, that's only after a nasty hit to the ribs and Bella sees Caius' protectiveness of her begin to show through. 'Bout damn time. It's also time for that swift kick in the ass ... by her sire and Peter. More cuteness between the future mates and a closer look into just WHO Caius is. That, however, I'm not going to tell you. It's a surprise.

All of this is all well and good, but whatever happened to the reason for it all in the first place? Well, to answer that, we reconvene with the three kings, Bella and her Grand-pappy, who was none to nicely brought up to speed on the events that brought our newborn to this place in her life. However, our focus is not on Peter and his murderous thoughts. It's on Icky Vicky. Bella gets to see the well oiled machine that is the Volturi Guard and how well they work together with minimal effort.

In an effort to not just give you the ending of the story, thus making reading it pointless, how about a really quick overview? Some people die while others are only punished. Who lives a fate worse than death and what is that fate? That is held only in the story itself. I will say, in my opinion, it's quite fitting and actually quite funny. This is a short story, only nine chapters, but it's packed full of awesomesauce and worth the read. If you're like me and the Volturi hold a special place in her heart, check out Unyielding Devotion. It does have a sequel, Unyeilding Love, and that one is shaping up to be just as kickass as the original.


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