Sunday, April 1, 2012

Deviant Days — One Shot Staff Picks

So we're deviating from our mission a little. We still read E/B and the well-reviewed non-E/B.
You can't hardly blame us. But check out the one shots that compelled us to deviate.

"Someone Like You" by IReen H
Edward & Bella, Romance/Tragedy, AH, MA/NC-17
Summary: Age of Edward Judges Choice Winner: Bella struggles with mental illness, Edward struggles with fidelity. Story set in 1950 with flashbacks through the 40s. Title based on "Someone Like You" by Doris Day. Fair Warning - Macabre. AH, AU

Wayward Girl: I can't say enough good things about this one-shot. It is heart-wrenching and beautifully written. You will go from hating Edward, to loving Edward, then crying you're eyes out for Edward. Not only is this one shot well written, but the plot is original and will keep you guessing until the end. Don't miss out on this story, go read "Someone Like You" by IReen H!

"Cadence of Humanity" by shoefreak
Demetri & Edward, Angst/Hurt/Comfort, MA/NC-17
Summary: Edward experiences one of the greatest sorrows of his existence for the second time. As he tries to cope, Demetri reminds Edward of what it is to feel human, and Edward recognizes the benefits of immortality. Slash/AU

RaindropSoup: Ever wonder what it would have been like if Edward got his wish and Bella lived out her life human, thus dying at one point or another? Well, look no further. "Cadence of Humanity" is from Edward's POV of an 88-year-old Bella on her deathbed, and God, is it heartbreaking. There is no animosity between the two, and the emotion behind first-love is captured. Nostalgia and some regret shine, making it feel canon and so darn beautiful. As per usual to shoefreak and her fics, it's well written and breathtaking. My own heart stopped.

Share your favorite E/B or well-known, non-E/B one shot for Deviant Days!

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