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Deviant Guest Review by @shelikethesound: "The War is Over" by @MariahajilE

"The War Is Over" by MariahajilE
Angela & Edward, Angst/Drama, All Human, MA/NC-17, Complete
Summary: Lies. Betrayal. Pain. A story of finally getting what you want and hurting everyone in the process. AH, ExB, ExA, AxBen. M for language and lemons.

"The War Is Over" is told from Angela’s point of view, giving us a glimpse into what it’s like to be the other woman. She’s best friends with Bella but is having an affair with Edward, Bella’s boyfriend. The subject matter is very controversial, polarizing, and not for the faint of heart.

I’ll admit it. I’ve never been a fan of stories centered around cheating. I’m a tough customer to convince that kind of treachery can be redeemed. And at first glance, this seems to be just another one I’d flounce. Once I began reading, though, I couldn’t walk away from it.

From the start, Angela knows what she’s doing is wrong. And she agonizes over it. Her feelings for Edward are what makes her commit such an unforgivable act. It’s her way of getting what she’s always wanted, even if all Edward can give is his body.

Except for your heavy panting, you were still as you lay on top of me.

I wanted to run my hands through your sweaty hair. Kiss your mouth. Bite your earlobe.

Love you.

But I stayed still. I knew that we didn't have the bubble for long, and I wanted to stay inside of it as long as possible. If I moved, I would've startled you back into reality. And I didn't want that.

Not yet.

I just wanted you for a few more minutes. Because I knew you were going to realize what you'd just done. You would remember Bella. You would remember that you loved her. You would remember that I'm just Angela, Bella's best friend.

And you would leave me to deal with this on my own.
The story begins in present time, in the middle of their deception. A few chapters in, we are thrown back into the past to see just how they crossed the line from being acquaintances because of Bella to becoming secret lovers.

With one drunken kiss, a mistake is made in the heat of the moment. The pain of that one night consumes Angela, and there are times she can’t look at the happy couple; those instances remind her Edward isn’t hers. It’s a hard pill for her to swallow, knowing Edward succumbed because he gave into temptation and not because he loves her. It hurts her deeply, and there is
always something to emphasize Angela’s place in his life.
Our senior year of high school.

It was new but the same. New year. Same people. New classes. Same routine.

You and Bella were the "It" couple. You were happy, loving, and popular.

I went back to being me. Bella's best friend, first at the lunch table, and English tutor.

But I spent less time with her and, by default, you, because I couldn't deal with the hand-holding. The hallways kisses. The smiles on both your faces.

The guilt.

I made up excuses about having to study or babysit my brothers or helping dad out at church.

But, no matter how much I tried, I couldn't get rid of the pain.

Or the memories of that night.
They resume their torrid love affair after her eighteenth birthday party and seem to spiral out of control. They make excuses to meet and have sex, knowing it would hurt Bella if she found out. But neither can stop.

When I came to this part of the story, it would have been easy to write Angela off as being selfish and a horrible friend. On the surface, that’s exactly what she is. But as I kept reading, I could see, underneath, things weren’t so black and white. At the core of Angela’s feelings and actions, I began to realize it’s not love that drives her to do these horrible things. But it’s her addiction to what little attention Edward does give that compels her to continue betraying her best friend.
It was hard. Rough. Almost painful.

But you pulled out quickly.

Only to push back in.





You grunted every time you rammed into me.

It wasn't loving. It wasn't gentle.

But I took what you gave me.

I still do.

Because it's the only thing I can have of you.
MariahajilE does a masterful job of showing the destruction of the Angela we all know as she falls further into her affair with Edward. Like any addict, her actions, decisions, and everything else revolve around her high. And as Angela’s world comes crumbling down, the author gives us a front row seat to the aftermath of her choices.

I can’t recommend this story enough. It’s well-written and quick, as well as captivating. And as you devour the chapters, there will be a few surprises. Some that no one could have ever predicted.


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