Thursday, April 26, 2012

V Wicked Tease – 04/26

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Chapter 15 of "Zombie Killer of the Week" by Lulu

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"Zombie Killer of the Week" by Lulu M
Edward & Bella, AH, Post-Apocalyptic, Zombie Takeover, MA/NC-17
Summary: Zombies have taken over the world. Bella's last mission: find solace within Forks, Washington. Wary of those she comes across, can she trust the spoiled rotten city girl or the two zombie enthusiasts? Or how about the one boy she can't seem to forget?

*** Chapter 15 Teaser ***
The REAL Kahlua March 2006–April 2012. Love your forever. Miss you always.

Her breath stunk like deep-fried onions and garlic as it wafted from her perch on my chest to my nose. She was dreaming about something, running somewhere, whimpering in her sleep as her legs twitched. I liked to think it was of something happy, that she was chasing squirrels and leaping through fields of green rather than escaping from zombies on blood-slickened ground.

Her front leg stretched across my abdomen as she let out a loud snort, her cheeks flapping with the force. Her eyes opened for just a brief second as she rolled them up to meet mine as if reassuring herself that I was still there. I grabbed her leg, just above the pad of her paw, letting my fingers rest against the smooth fur just above it. Her heart beat through her skin, reminding me that she was still alive. Even if just for the night, that if tomorrow we should wake and die, we had each other to hold, and I didn’t . . . couldn’t take advantage of that.