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Deviant Guest Inquisition: Savageward from @vampiremama's "Beautiful Savage" (with @credoroza)

Before you read the interview with Savageward, The LUV'NV wants to thank Credoroza for her wonderful support. Along with sending in guest reviews, she has promoted all of our events on her blog, Fandom Fanatic, and included us in her Affiliate Spotlight segment.

When Credoroza stated in the post her wish for having thought of our Inquisition feature, RaindropSoup cornered her with sweet words, not so subtle cajoling, and a bribe of her own Inquis banner to do a character interview for us. Being the fabulous and ever-helpful woman she is, Credoroza agreed—with enthusiasm.

We cannot adequately express our appreciation for the fandom, for the women who have shared their amazing stories and characters, those who have taken the time for others and kept sites going. Much LUV to Credoroza, for she is one of them. A nuzzle and a savage backside grope for readingmama for her time and endearing Savageward. Please be sure to leave both of them some love, whether here, on their blogs, or by reading and reviewing "Beautiful Savage." You can learn more about the story in Credoroza's review, here.

And while you're at it, if you're not a work (or at least don't have screen peckers, I mean, peekers), check out the manip of Savageward.
NSFW and a good deal of unf. *mutters* Rather lengthy unf.

Now, you're really curious about him, aren't you? Well, as with all Inquisitions, beware. There can be spoilers. But no one heeds warnings anyway, so without further ado, here he is ... SAVAGEWARD!

Credoroza: Thank you so much for coming today to chat with me! I just love your story and miss you.
Edward: *looks confused* I not know you. How do you miss me? *Scratches at the tag on the neck of t-shirt*

Credoroza: First, tell me how Bella and the girls are doing. How are you adjusting to fatherhood?
Edward: *smiles* Bella is good. She is with the girls now. Esme not happy about daddy going out. Adjusting, I know that word. Doctor uses that word when we talk. *Sits up straight* I am well adjusted.

Credoroza: When I first read your story, I was completely fascinated with you. To be lost at such a young age and survive to manhood. I don't want to dwell on anything sad, but can you tell me what it was like when you met the wolves and became part of the pack?
Edward: I not remember meeting wolves. They are in all my memories; I very young when they found me. I do remember a fight when I was young boy. Another wolf, one I do not remember so much, and Sam. They fought and then Sam became the... leader? Is that the word?

Credoroza: What was your day to day life like with the wolves? What kind of things did you do?
Edward: There was much hunting, making sure pack had enough to eat. I catch rabbits mostly, but many days I could not find any so wolves would bring back food for me. Sometimes we would share a deer. We sleep when the sun was at its highest in the sky. *motions above* Too hot to hunt when sun is high. When the sky became dark we would hunt again.

Credoroza: When you met Bella in the woods, and she left, I cried. How long did it take you to decide to go find her?
Edward: I did not understand where she went. I did not know about cars then, I didn’t think she could be so far. I tried to follow but the car was too fast for me. Faster than even the wolves.

Credoroza: When Bella saw you on the news when you arrested, I was so afraid for you but so happy, I knew Bella would come for you. How did that happen you wondering around looking for and when the police came for you?
Edward: When I couldn’t catch Bella, I went back to wolves. But I kept coming to the camp site, to see if she returned. I would leave while wolves sleeping mid-day and see if I could find her. When I see other brown haired woman, I thought it was Bella. *Shakes head* But she NOT Bella.

Credoroza: What was it like when Emmett let you drive?
Edward: A very happy time! *Sits up straight and proud* I finally able to go as fast as wolves but wheel turn much quicker than I expected.

Credoroza: What were you feeling the first time you and Bella "touched" in the woods?
Edward: *Tilts head in confusion.* I feel Bella’s hips. I hold them while we touched. I felt the need to connect to Bella. She was the only one like me I’d seen and it felt good.

Credoroza: What did you think when Alice barged in to the apartment?
Edward: I not know. Bella did not like me to be without clothes in front of strange small girl. I was happy to see another like me and Bella. I thought I would learn much from someone else but Bella no like Alice.

Credoroza: Is there anything about your story that Vampiremama didn't tell us that you can tell me? Any secrets she kept from us??
Edward: Its Vampmama’s fault the plant is dead, she made me do it. Secrets? Bella scarier than any wolf when birthing our young. *Looks wide-eyed as he remembers* I had seen wolf births but none of them scream like Bella.

Credoroza: What did you think of AnIllicitWriter's picture you? Was it accurate?
Edward: Yes, it is me in the picture. *Cocks head* Why? It not look like normal man? *Looks worried* Bella say I normal.

Credoroza: Thank you so much for chatting with me. So many of us love and miss you every week!
Edward: You are welcome. *falls to all fours and walks over to Credoroza, resting hands on either side of the chair and giving her cheek a nuzzle*

Thoroughly intrigued? Be sure to check out "Beautiful Savage" by readingmama and leave her some love.
To our lovely guest Inquisitor, Credoroza, the warmest hug for continually stopping by The LUV'NV and spreading the LUV! *licks her neck*

"Beautiful Savage" by readingmama (@vampiremama)
Edward & Bella, Romance/Drama, All Human, MA/NC-17, Complete
Summary: After getting lost in the woods on a camping trip, Bella finds a man who is living a different life. Can two such different worlds mesh when communication is nearly impossible?


  1. This came out fantastic! Loved how you put everything together and obviously love my banner too!

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  2. Come nuzzle me Savageward! Great interview, and AMAZING story!