Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Deviant Days — WIP Staff Picks

Every quarter, we have a chance to deviate from our mission of only featuring the little known, non-E/B fics.
We may or may not take advantage of it, and each staff member only gets one pick.

Strictly Non-canon Lovers — we're asking you to step out of your preference box this month and check out
the E/B or well-known non-E/B WIPs that have compelled a couple of us to deviate.

(See, E/B lovers … We do love Edward!)

"Penal Code" by BellaFlan
Edward & Bella, Humor/Romance, AH, MA/NC-17
Summary: Undercover Cop Edward Cullen wants some excitement on his beat. Bella, whom he mistakenly thinks is a hooker, desperately needs to snap out of her funk. How deep is Edward willing to go undercover to get the girl?

Arianna-Janae: I love pretty much everything BellaFlan writes, and Penal Code is no different. The summary alone had me hooked. Good cop, Edward Cullen, is undercover, attempting to bring in a hooker. After all, if she looks like a hooker, walks like a hooker, and has some strange obsession with your "pudding," she must be a hooker, right? Follow these two through their awkward hook-ups, misleading innuendos, and major fuck-ups. Never underestimate a girl and her love for a man's pudding. *Chuckle*

"The Biology Project" by solostintwilight
Edward & Bella, Romance/Hurt/Comfort, AH, MA/NC-17
Summary: Edward's a sex addict resisting treatment, Bella's a girl who just wants to get laid already. What happens when they get paired up for a Biology Project? Bio Lab could get interesting...

Wayward Girl: This is a drabble-ish fic brought to us by the author who wrote In Your World. I love her (somewhat) short chapters and quick updates. Solostintwilight has made these characters her own, I especially enjoy her Jasper and Charlie. Every chapter is a joy to read and leaves me itching for the next update!


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