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Lovelorn — "Walk With Me" by @Kraftychik

"Walk With Me" by Kraftychik
Jacob & Bella, Drama, AH, M, Complete
Summary: Bella faces the biggest challenge of her life. Can she do it alone or will she seek comfort from a kindred spirit?
Warnings: Features situations of illness and death.

What gave you the idea for this story? What inspired you?
Well, I have written some sappy B/J stories already, and I was thinking how a drama would be really good. I didn’t really
come up with anything when I sat down to write, so I just gave up. Then this story just came to me in a dream.

All authors love their characters. Tell us what you love about yours. What sets them apart?
I love this Bella because she is much stronger than SM’s Bella. She deals with something huge in her life, and she is
comfortable on her own, which is how I think Bella should be. I also love Jake in this story because he’s dealt with his
own stuff and even though he’s there for Bella, he doesn’t feel the need to constantly fix her. He’s also just a sweet,
loving guy that I adore.

Why did you choose this pairing? I have always loved Bella and Jacob together.
I have always felt that they were cheated out of their happy ending, so I love to play around with these two. Jake’s
personality is a lot like my husband (loyal, sweet, funny, protective, and caring), so he’s dear to my heart.

How is it different than the other Twilight fics posted with similar themes?
I actually have never read another Twilight story with this theme. So I really wouldn’t know how it’s different to be
honest. I just wrote what was in my head and heart.

What lesson would you like your readers to gain from this story?
I believe that when we face something tough, we can be at our very best. We all have inner strength and this story
shows that.

What's your favorite chapter and why?
I actually have two favorite chapters. The first one is "Hearts in the Sand" because it’s just so sweet and so Jake. The
second is "Final Journey," because I believe that is when Bella is at her best. Also, that chapter made me cry.

Is there anything else you'd like to tell the readers?
I would just say that it is an all human story, which is different from a lot of stories out there. If you’re a serious J/B
shipper, like me you’ll enjoy it because there is no Edward in this. It has all the elements I like in a great piece (laughter,
angst, sadness, love & loss).

What the readers are saying:
Oh my god, I actually cried! Brilliantly written — Rhodes11
Oh my God... That story was so beautiful, I'm going to bed crying now... This is the perfect story of love and loss, and your writing style is so beautiful... Thank you for sharing this story with us. — Sothe Sage
Love this is was wonderful and I cried at the last 2 chapters love it love it — theonethingtolose

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