Sunday, January 9, 2011

"Into the Wild" by Dryad Fall

Have you ever wondered what happened to the only survivor of the newborn army? No, not Bree Tanner, the Volturi took care of her. I'm talking about Fred, the only guy who seemed to have sense enough to run away.

Into the Wild picks up after the Newborn battle in Eclipse. Fred arrives in Riley Park; the meeting place that he and Bree had agreed upon before going their separate ways. He soon realizes that Bree isn't coming. All he has are the lies that Riley fed him along with a deep, sinking guilt for becoming a monster consumed by blood lust. Having fallen from humanity, he decides to run from it.

She finds him in the snowy tundra of Alaska. He wants to suffer in solitude and repels her, but she won't be that easily deterred. Has the succubus found her mate? Will Fred be able to see past his own anguish to find love?

Dryad Fall has a knack for drawing the reader into this purely unique story. If you are looking for a well-written story that is something outside the normal Canon pairing, then look no further. Even the repulsive (and I mean that in the best way possible) and the vampire we love to hate deserve a happy ending too, right? Rated M, for what I hope will be some yummy lemons coming soon.

Excerpt from Chapter One:
He had seen his eyes turn black in the reflection he could catch in ice. And the THIRST...he was concerned he was going to lose his mind, but he didn't care. He had nothing left anyway. He couldn't return to his grieving parents, didn't have Bree to care for. He had nothing BUT thirst. It reminded him he still existed.

Fred looked out over the frozen landscape from the mountainside. He sat in the soft snow, leaning against a fir tree catching the sparkle of his skin as the sun broke through the pine boughs. The quiet almost echoed, nearly a sound in itself, like being wrapped in batting. His mouth felt like cotton, and he couldn't get a mouthful of venom if his life depended on it. His throat no longer burned, it sang, begging for blood. Had he still be human, it would've encompassed his entire being, but being a vampire meant there was far more room for mental wandering in his head.

What he wouldn't do for something, anything that would take his mind off the thirst. A book, a frontal lobotomy, anything. Someone to talk to. Someone who could explain to him what to do, how to avoid being the stuff of nightmares, if such a thing was possible. If not, then perhaps they would have the secret to ending his existence.

Aw, don't you just want to give Fred a big hug? OK, maybe that would be a bad idea considering he's starving and all. But please check out Into the Wild and let Dryad Fall know what you think of her story. Dryad and Into the Wild can also be found here at Twilighted.

Into the Wild by Dryad Fall
WIP - Drama/Romance - Unorthodox - LS18+
Summary:In the days following his escape from the Newborn Army, Fred learns something about himself that changes his entire existence. Can someone bring him back?


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