Friday, January 21, 2011

Our 1st Annual Bedeviled Liaison Graphics Contest!

The LUV'NV is trying to provoke both readers and writers alike to fall in love with the unloved, and what better way to do so than with visual aid!

We're holding our first Annual Bedeviled Liaison Graphics Contest, and there's no better time with Valentine's Day around the corner.

We want see your favorite non-canon pairings and get everyone to fall in love with them—whether you've written the pairing before or it's only wishful thinking. The effervescent, vexed, or seductive couple can be with anyone, like Jacob and Rosalie, Demetri and Renee, or Charlie and Carlisle—and yes, even Jasper and Bella.

1. Must be a Twilight non-canon pairing.
2. Twilight cast only. Must use the cast prior to the movie Breaking Dawn. So you can use your own Peter, but not your own Aro. (Also? Please give us the name of the Actor, Model, Singer, etc. if he/she wasn't cast before BD.)
3. Dimensions: A minimum of 250px x 250px. We want to see the image and the work you put in it! Note: Images are sized for posting purposes*
4. Image cannot have fully-exposed bare breasts or nude buns. Visible genitalia is not allowed. Please keep provocative submissions tasteful.
5. Graphic cannot be your fic banner or a manipulation of another fanfiction artist's work. If you made the banner for your story, you may use that as your submission, but the graphic cannot have the story title on it.
6. No more than two (2) entries per artist.
7. Please include the images used for your submission(s). We want to see the before and afters.
8. And last, please ensure that your signature can be seen on the final image.

(Example submission, below)

We reserve the right to forgo any graphic based on the above rules.

Submissions will be accepted January 21st - February 11th.
Voting will talk place February 12th - February 16th.
Winners will be announced February 18th.

Two categories to vote for:
"Best Non-Canon Pairing"
"Best Before and After"
The LUV'NV staff will be voting with you.

Winners have a choice between:
A banner, as well as being interviewed and featured on The LUV'NV as V Choice Graphic Artist.
RaindropSoup,designer of The LUV'NV, will help you create a blog portfolio of your graphics.

You can fill out this form HERE or email the images and the info below to

Info needed to be included in the email:
♥ Your pen name
♥ A FanFiction,, or DeviantArt profile.
♥ The pairing
♥ Final Graphic's direct URL
♥ URLs or attached files of the images used
♥ Name(s) of the actor, model, etc. if he/she is not from the Twilight cast.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at

Let's show the Twific world that new non-canon pairings are just as easy to read, write, and love as our beloved Edward and Bella. Have fun!!

Visit the final graphics page for larger images.

***SPECIAL NOTE: We kindly ask that you seek the artist's permission to use any of the graphics submitted in this contest.***

*Note added 1/25/11— Images are re-sized to 320px - 400px wide for landscape layouts, or 266px wide or more for letter layouts. It is for posting purposes and the images can become blurry, and we don't want that to happen!


Example Entry:
(On the Annual Bedeviled Liaison Graphics banner)
Leah and Edward, AH
by RaindropSoup

Images Used: