Monday, January 3, 2011

I-Want-To-RENT-Jacob-Black Pursued by CareMarie

* Author Name: I-Want-To-RENT-Jacob-Black
* Stories:Summertime in Forks: The Isabella Swan Story, Sex on the Beach, A Night In Jacob's Garage

CareMarie: Tell us a little bit about yourself:
Cammilia: My name is Cammilia Holmes and I am 22 years old. I am hopelessly obsessed with Taylor Lautner, Jacob Black, Kristen Stewart and all things Jacob/Bella. Aside from that, I love to write and have been doing so since before the age of 10. I have always found a passion in writing. My writing talent is my strongest attribute.

CareMarie: How did you get introduced into Fan Fiction?
Cammilia: I discovered it as a teenager. Before the Twilight novels came along, I used to write anime fanfiction, and then slowly slipped into reading other fan fictions for Harry Potter.

CareMarie: Do you remember the first story you read?
Cammilia: The one that got away was among the first of Harry Potter fanfictions that really gripped me. I loved it. It was a story about two of the characters getting married, and of course the third wheel that doesn't want them to. Loved it.

CareMarie: Is there a story behind your pen name?
Cammilia: I-Want-To-RENT-Jacob-Black. Yes actually. RENT is an amazing broadway play. It has touched my life so much that I put it in all of my screennames on every site I join.

CareMarie: What story (ies) are you reading right now?
Cammilia: I don't have any ongoing stories I am reading right this moment. I have read a series of one shots lately and one that had a very juicy Jacob/Bella lemon. Writing my stories keeps me so occupied, I barely have time to read anyone else's. I wish this weren't the case. Sometimes it feels a bit unfair to rake in reviews for my stories, but not be able to give anyone else the same credit for their work.

CareMarie: Do you have a favorite character and if so, why that character?Cammilia: If you are referring to Twilight Characters, my favorite would obviously be Jacob Black. It took seeing the movie for me to finally understand him, but he is a strong and very real character that I bet a lot of guys can relate to. He tells it like it is, without being afraid to hurt anyone's feelings. He is honest, secure and very confident without coming off as an **. I really get into his love for Bella. I wish I had a man that loved me enough to always stick by me, no matter what path I choose.


CareMarie: First off, tell us a little bit about your stories:
Cammilia: I've written a few one shots, but I want to talk about my three chapter stories.A Night In Jacob's Garage is my first baby. This is the fanfiction that came as a result of my switch to Team Jacob. It started as a one-shot, but progressed into a real story. Jacob is a player, and a manwhore who sleeps around with everyone in La Push. His ultimate weakness however is Bella. He's secretly liked her for years, and tried to get her to sleep with him, but she wouldn't. inside, he wanted more than that, but used his player persona to cover it up.
He and Bella finally do have sex in his garage and afterward, it becomes a battle for Bella. She's thinking, should I be with him? He could hurt me, he's a player, all these girls want to be with him. And Jacob is thinking I've got to have her, be with her and show her that I can change into a real man not just some **. Its really beautiful to watch the two give in and fall in love. I'm really proud about how this story came out.
Summertime in Forks: The Isabella Swan Story is basically about English-Rose Isabella Swan who has grown up in a very strict and structured environment. She doesn't get to make her own choices or anything, but she is still a closet rebel. She's engaged to Edward and looks down on other people who don't have as much money or aren't as beautiful. When her parents discover her rebellion has reached her school work, they ship her off to Forks in America to love with her Aunt Julie.
This is the part of the story where Bella gets more than she bargained for. Julie makes her get a job, and puts her in her place when she acts stubborn and rebellious. It really takes a toll on Bella that she actually has to work for a living and do things for herself. She meets Jacob and at first they butt heads, argue and trash talk, but its really just a cover up for them falling for each other and not wanting to admit it. Her secret talent is playing the guitar and throughout the summer she ends up falling in love with Jacob, slowly forgetting about Edward, and really finding the true self she wants to be. It's a very beautiful story.
Sex on the Beach is my third baby. It started as a one-shot as well. Its funny how my most popular stories started as one-shots. This is also my first threesome.
Bella is hanging out on La Push beach when she is seduced by Jacob and Paul. The first few chapters of the story, we'll see the three messing around in various places because they are all trying to cover up the heartache of their past loves. When Edward fools Bella again though she starts realizing the sex with Paul and Jacob is the only thing that makes her forget the pain. So they make this agreement to keep fooling around without falling in love, not knowing that they'll end up falling in love anyway.
It's not that cut and dry though. Paul's ex-Post Optionsgirlfriend Leah wants Jacob and does not agree with the threesome at all, so she recruits Jacob's ex-girlfriend Emily to try and tear the three of them apart. The story sort of goes from lemony fun to tragedy and suffering. The main plot question here is, who does Bella end up with? Well, you've gotta read the story for that. ;)

CareMarie: Why did you pick the pairings that you did?
Cammilia: I fell in love with Jacob and Bella in New Moon the movie. It took me watching that to finally switch teams. When I saw what these two could have been, had Bella not been such a jerk, it inspired me to give Jacob closure by writing fan fiction. Their relationship was just so simple, real, complicated, and everything that a real relationship should be. I believe they are meant to be together. It's just too bad that Stephanie Meyer doesn't.

CareMarie: Do you have a favorite point of view to write in?
Cammilia: I write easiest in Bella's point of view. Mainly because I want to tell of the stronger attraction she has to Jacob in my stories than she had in the books. I like to show the readers, here is what Bella thinks of Jacob. At least, in my world, she does not hate him.

CareMarie: Was there a part in the Twilight Saga that inspired you?
Cammilia: The books did not inspire me at all. The movie New Moon inspired me to start writing real twilight fanfiction and give Jacob the happy ending he deserves.

CareMarie: How did you decide to post your stories?
Cammilia: I knew as soon as I started writing them that I had to show them to the public. At first, I was just posting on another site called Freedom Fanfiction Writers. I've had an active account at fanfiction(dot)net for a long time. I used to write parodies that made fun of the saga, but when I realized how popular my real stories were over at Freedom, I brought them to and they've been a hit ever since.

CareMarie: Have you ever changed your story outline based off of a review? If so, what was the review and what did you change?
Cammilia: Um, not the whole outline. But I have changed direction in a chapter or two due to someone's suggestion.

When I was writing Jacob's Garage, someone suggested that I put Jacob in a pair of boxer briefs instead of boxers, so I changed that. Hahahaha. There have been other suggestions as well, but I can't remember. I've read hundreds of reviews and tons of chapters.

CareMarie: Do any of your characters in your story remind you of yourself?
Cammilia: I modeled Bella in Sex on the Beach after myself a little. She is a journalist like me. A little bit of a rebel, kind of a drama queen, with really good friends who try and keep her grounded when she wants to do something stupid. She and I are a lot alike. Only I wouldn't use the sexual advances of two boys to cover up any pain of previous relationships.