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Pursuing the VStaff — VGuard wonderwoundedhearers

Hello, everyone! Though CareMarie is doing the Staff Pursuits, I had to do the interview for this staff member. Even before she become a part of the site, I "reserved" the right to interview her. It just had to be me, and I'm absolutely giddy to share it with all of you. She's my favorite author—the one writer I don't even have to think to scream "I love her!" at the top of my lungs because it just slips right out.

I'm talking about wonderwoundedhearers, the talented author of the fan-fucking-tastic stories The Subtle Grace of Gravity (Peter & Bella), Broken Moonlight (Jasper & Bella), and 101 Tales of Love, Lust and Desire. She has so many more, including Aro & Bella fics, a Demetri & Bella one shot, and a ton of non-TwiFics.

But my all-time favorite—the fic that made me fall in love with someone I never imagined I would, thus inspiring me to write my own fic of that pairing—is her story Crimson Starlight, Caius & Bella.

So meet wonderwoundedhearers ...

RSoup: Tell us a little bit about you.
Wonder: I’m an eighteen-year-old full-time student at a University in the UK, studying for a degree in Psychology – it’s murder, but so worth it *winks* I love watching films and TV, drawing, listening to music, reading, and going out to do mad shizzle with my friends in my spare time. I have my lip pierced, my ear cartilage pierced, my ears pierced, and my belly-button pierced, and soon I’m hoping to get a tattoo of my own design. Finally, I have a soft-spot for horror movies and chicken and bacon sandwiches.

RSoup: Why did you want to become a part of The LUV’NV?
Wonder: Apart from its excellent taste ((;) *RSoup snickers* I really like what it stands for – it’s not your run-of-the-mill, everyday TwiCommunity; it’s got a mix of writers, fics, goodies…etc., etc…. And it supports one of my favourite ideas – to love the unloved.

RSoup: Is there a story behind your pen name?
Wonder: My penname’s taken from this quote, which is taken from Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ – this scene is my favourite in the play and when I first started writing FF I was studying it in my English class. I just think it’s beautiful.
What is he whose grief
Bears such an emphasis, whose phrase of sorrow
Conjures the wand’ring stars, and makes them stand
Like wonder-wounded hearers? This is I,
Hamlet the Dane.

RSoup: *speechless, then shakes her head* You’re right – it is beautiful. No one writes like that anymore, you know? Anyway, how did you discover Fan Fiction in the first place?
Wonder: After I read ‘Breaking Dawn’ and then went back to the Isle Esme scenes, I realised just how depraved I was – I needed to know what happened, and only FF could give me that. I trawled through crappy interpretations until I came to and found the mother-load of awesome stories. I officially saw Jesus. Beard, sandals and all.

RSoup: *laughs* Do you remember the first Fan Fic you read?
Wonder: I don’t have a name, but it was a nice little one-shot about Isle Esme and what happened there – it was really good; not too smutty, not too fluffy.

RSoup: I know being a student and a VStaff member can be time consuming, but are you currently reading any fics?
Wonder: It’s very time consuming, but entirely worth knackering myself for (: At the moment, I love ‘Hit and Run’ by lifelesslyndsey, ‘Take This Heart’ by BookwormBaby2580, ‘Conversations with My Killer’ by Oracle Vas, ‘Of Morals and Temptations’ by Piebald46, and ‘Long Way Down’ and ‘Aftermath’ by forthelongestday. I’m also reading through ToryTigress92’s stories at the moment, because she’s having a bit of a pause – her stuff is ah-mazing.

RSoup: *grins* What are your top three favorite fics?
Wonder: Ever? Gosh. Uhm… I think they would be…‘Love Never Dies’ by ToryTigress92, ‘The Orbiting Meteor’ by IdreamofEddy, and ‘Conversations with My Killer’ by Oracle Vas. To be honest though, ToryTigress92 is so awesome that I can’t really choose between her Aro/Bella fics for my fave – but TOM and CWMK are definitely top favourites, below LND though of course (;

RSoup: What’s your favorite pairing?
Wonder: I have always, and will always, love Volturi/Bella pairings above all others – I mean, I love Bella/Peter so much, but not as much as, say, Bella/Aro. There’s something so sexy and sinister about a relationship with one of the Volturi, especially Aro – he is the epitome of the dark, twisted, yet undeniably suave and seductive, character that all self-respecting vampires wish to be.

RSoup: *nods agreeably* If you've written about that pairing, would you do that pairing again? Or will you do a different pairing for your next fic?
Wonder: I’ve done three fics with that pairing so far – the first was ‘Red Sun,’ which is complete, but I’ve taken a break from its sequel, ‘Evening Sun,’ and a different, AU story, ‘The King and His Queen’. I do like Aro/Bella, a lot, but I think it would be best to finish off my remaining stories before starting another. But once that’s done, I don’t see any reason why not to write another (;

RSoup: Is there a pairing you’d like to see, yet is barely done or completely non-existent?
Wonder: I’m quite into some crossovers right now, since there are some pretty rare but awesome pairings in them – however, I’m probably so into them because there aren’t many of the odd pairings I’d like to see within Twilight. I do love a bit of Garrett/Bella every now and then, and there are a couple of reasonably well done fics but nothing I think is too spectacular – I’d love to see more of that sandy-haired vamp kissin’ on innocent Bella.

RSoup: Do you do anything special when you’re writing? Like listen to music or go to a particular place? Or do you have to have the TV off and have nothing distracting you?
Wonder: I always listen to ‘I’m Gay!’ by Bowling For Soup beforehand – it just puts me in the perfect mood for writing; I don’t know why. But otherwise the atmos is pretty much how I find it when the mood for writing strikes me – I’ve written in gale-force winds before (;

RSoup: Do you have a favorite POV to write in?
Wonder: Even though it usually feels easier to write in Bella’s POV, I don’t enjoy it too much – maybe’s it’s because I’m a girl, but I love seeing inside the hero’s head. I like writing how he ticks – I like imagining how he sees the heroine. I really enjoy writing Peter’s POV though – that’s probably my favourite. He’s just a fun S.O.B.

RSoup: *laughs* I enjoy writing in the hero’s POV, too. So what inspired you to write a fan fic?
Wonder: I’ve always loved writing, and I just remember reading some fics and thinking, ‘I can do that.’ And so, I did. My inspiration was pretty much my incredible desire to see something I’d written up for other people to see – I’m not very secretive with my writing, but I don’t go waving it around everywhere. I decided it was time to do a bit of waving.

RSoup: I love your fics Crimson Starlight and Broken Moonlight, but I haven't gotten the chance to read any of your other fics. Tell us a little bit about your other stories.
Wonder: Well… ‘Red Sun’ was my first Twilight fic, my first attempt at it at all really. It’s an Aro/Bella story about Aro coming back for Bella after Edward leaves her once again. There’s a few things I’d love to change about it, refine it and whatnot, but I’m loving leaving it as it is because I think it just shows that I’ve come a way from it.
Then there’s ‘Evening Sun,’ which is a sequel to ‘Red Sun.’ It’s incomplete and I haven’t updated it for ages, but I’m happy with what’s in it so far and I know I’ll be up and rock ‘n’ rollin’ with it again soon enough.
The King and His Queen’ is incomplete too, and I need to get going with that again, but it’s an Aro/Bella story where they were already a very old, mated vampire couple. Aro loses Bella during the Volturi’s infamous war against the Romanians and then finds hope years later... Not spoiling a thing (;
101 Tales of Love, Lust and Desire’ was a voted-for series of one-shots – I posted a poll asking what my readers would prefer, a series of one-shots with Bella and another Twilight character. I think I had Carlisle, Jasper, Felix, Demetri, Alec and Caius as the options – Jasper won by like three votes more than Carlisle. So far the series has seen prejudiced rockers, a married couple spicing up their love-life, drunken seductions, office sexy-time, best friends becoming more, an after-feed roll about, some lovin’ along to Aerosmith, and some bar-misuse.
The Charmer and the Lost Girl’ is an O/S that would not leave me alone until I had written it – it’s a Demetri/Bella pairing, and it’s basically about Bella becoming a vampire because of Jacob rather than Edward and how it leads her to finding an angst-filled relationship with a certain member of the Volturi Guard, whom she wouldn’t give up for a moment.
I’ll Show You Madness’ is a crossover – it’s Batman/Twilight, with a pairing of Joker/Bella. Bella’s moved to Gotham with the Cullens and her husband Edward, but there she meets a man who can satisfy her animalistic side and who turns her just a little but crazy. I bloody love writing this fic – I’m sad about finishing it soon ):
The Subtle Grace of Gravity’ is a fic that just came to me with a Peter/Bella pairing – it’s not the darkest thing I could have written, but it’s a little more graphic and bit sharper than I usually write. Basically, Bella’s been tortured by Victoria and left out for the birds to peck away at…when Fate swoops in and gets someone to rescue her.
Finally, ‘The Runner’ is my O/S entry for TSSoV contest, and is a Santiago/OC pairing with some blood, lust, pain, love and head-from-shoulders tearing.

RSoup: *smacks forehead* How could I forget reading The Subtle Grace of Gravity? I love that fic as well. There’s not a lot of good Peter and Bella fics, and well TSGoG is… *whistles* …fuck awesome. *laughs* So why’d you write a Batman/Twilight fic? I think it’s great! But I think that’s the first, and only, crossover category I’ll ever see.
Wonder: Well, from what I remember, I was watching 'Batman Returns' - the one with Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman, who is freaking awesome by the way – and I was just thinking how absolutely shite the weather always was there. And then it just hit me, 'That's the kind of place the Cullens would live - the sun never shines there.' And then I fell in love with Jack Nicholson – and then Heath Ledger – as the Joker all over again, and I thought, 'There's a story in this somewhere.' I always wanted Bella to be a little more kick-ass, to be a little bit crazier and just...generally more vampire-like – I remember thinking that only the Joker could transform innocent little Bella into some kind of beautiful monster. I posted it because, really, I just like the relationship I wrote between them – it made me smile (;

RSoup: Many authors write what they know, do any of your characters resemble yourself, or remind you of a specific time in your life?
Wonder: A lot of people have PM’d me to ask if a few characters from my fics are based on me – since in a couple of my fics I’ve added brand new characters into the Twilight world and that apparently intrigued some people – but the truth is that I find it pretty difficult to base anything much on myself. I can say how I look and my likes/dislikes, maybe even add in a few of my quirks, but there is no way I can know what makes me tick – it’s impossible for me to figure myself out. Seriously. But sometimes I will occasionally add in something that’s up with me at that moment, like Bella eating scrambled eggs on toast – I went through a long phase of eating nothing else but that in the morning for breakfast, so that found its way into my fics a couple of times.

RSoup: *chuckles* Sometimes, as authors, when we’re finished writing a fic, we look back and wish we did something different. How do you feel about the way your fics turned out?
Wonder: I honestly love the stuff I’ve written – there’s hardly anything I’d want to change because at the time I was really into what I was writing, even if I think it’s dubious now. Sometimes I look back and I think I’ve steam-rollered my way through a fic, going way too fast and not adding enough of the juicy stuff I wanted to, but that’s just my process – I feel like I’m getting better all the time.

RSoup: Yeah, I think writing is kind of learned, you know? The more you write, the easier it gets – kinda. *laughs* Are you currently working on anything?
Wonder: Apart from the fics I’ve already started, I’m currently working on a Bella/Carlisle O/S, based on the idea that Renesmee’s birth didn’t go ahead…exactly…and a prequel to ‘The King and His Queen.’

RSoup: Do you have any ideas for a future fic that you’re willing to share? *Leans forward, and waits eagerly and attentively*
Wonder: I am officially willing to step outside of my pretty little Bella-paired-with-a-different-vamp-than-Edward world and find myself a new heroine – the thing about Bella is, she’s malleable, she’s in the perfect place to go anywhere and do anything because she’s not a vampire or a wolf, yet she’s stuck in their worlds. And because she hasn’t changed. Vampires are pretty much frozen, so there’s less to work with, but humans can be fixed and perfected and moulded to my liking before being changed…so I know it’s going to be difficult for me to take my female vamp and mess her about without fucking everything up beyond belief, but I’ve already decided that’s what I want to do. My idea for this new fic revolves around this lady vamp – who shall not be mentioned (; – and thirty-two different cities. It’s going to be lemony, action-packed, and will hopefully contain a few good cracks.

RSoup: Which vampire series have you read and think is the best?
Wonder:The Southern Vampire Mysteries.’ Hands down. CH just took an almost-ordinary girl and let havoc fucking dance all around her in her life. I love the way that vamps have ‘come out of the coffin,’ and all the politics involved – I love the vampire lore, the legends, the characters, the speak…and it’s all set in the South! I love the South.

RSoup: Have you ever been to the U.S.?
Wonder: Nope. Never. I'm a proper little English girl with a terribly English and very Surrey (I can't say accent because my mother would shoot me - apparently English people, especially ones from Surrey, don't have one. We speak in the original way, which means everyone else has an accent apart from us. Isn't that terribly conceited? Well, that's my homeland for you) way of speaking ((;) and I've been around the entirety of the UK and to Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy, but never America. Damn. I will go to Louisiana one day though - it's on my 'To-Do' list.

RSoup: Inspiring Authors? Both published marketed ones and in the FanFic world.
Wonder: Although it may sound a bit typical, I actually think that if there’s a point where you pause and get stuck in your own writing you need to read a Harry Potter book – maybe even the entire series. JKR…there’s something about her writing, her words, that just make me want to lick her mind – she’s brilliant, ingenious, and I love HP so much that reading a bit of it cheers me up and helps me think of a way around the ten-ton, granite block I’m metaphorically staring at. Also, I love some good ol’ Shakey. I’m often saying, ‘Pass me the ‘Hamlet,’ dear, I need a bit of inspiration.’

RSoup: Do you read extra citrusy fics?
Wonder: Hell. Yes. I’ve sometimes trawled FF just looking for a fic that’s an entire lemon. I’ve found a few. Yum, and I’m not ashamed.

RSoup: *throws her head back and laughs* How do feel about fics with BDSM?
Wonder: I’ve read a few and I’m actually pretty fond of them – beyond personal preferences, I think that some of the darkness that BDSM offers means you can make an AH fic a little more vampy with it.

RSoup: Could you write a story with BDSM?
Wonder: I’ve thought about it before and I’m just not sure if I could do it justice – I’ve had a crack at it in my ‘101…’ O/S series but I haven’t posted that chapter yet. Maybe if I get some good feedback from that O/S I’ll think about it more seriously.

RSoup: Let’s finish off with your favorite sex position. *Grins* Can be in FanFiction or in real life, maybe even both.
Wonder: Let’s go for both (; In FanFiction…hmm…methinks nasty, rough, pressed-up-against-the-wall sex – there’s always room for that – and in real life…well, I’m partial to the reverse cowgirl (;

RSoup: *laughs* If no one’s ever done that position, they’re definitely missing out! Thank you so, so much for doing an interview with me! *hugs wonder*


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