Thursday, January 27, 2011

Are you "Bedeviled?"

A huge "Thank you" to everyone that has entered the Bedeviled Liaison Graphics Contest so far—you're beyond awesome! We have a few more entries coming up tonight, and we didn't expect to have anyone enter so promptly, nor so many artists interested...and within the first week!
We're so grateful ♥( ^)(^-^)

Now...we want to know if we're doing our self-imposed TwiFic site duty (O.o) of eVoking readers and writers with this contest—are these graphic entries getting those wonderful creatiVe brains working? Are your hands just craVing to get to your computer and type out a story because of these Vilipend Visual pairings?

Are you "BedeViled?"

If so, we want to know! Submit a profile URL if you have loVe in your eyes and plan on writing a fic featuring any of the these couples, or already have those ferVent hands contriVing one now because of these entries. Let us know so we can check it out to be vouched here at The LUV'NV.

It can be an OS or a multiple chapter fic, even your own graphic that inspired you. And there's no time limit on when you can submit a Bedeviled URL. Although remember, the contest closes February 11th, and new lovebirds could be just around the corner.

~Your LUV'NV staff (^_-)˅

We'd like to thank The Twilight Awards for advertising this contest as well!
You can view all final Bedeviled Liaison entries here,
and the Before/Afters here.
The LUV'NV wants to see a graphic of your favorite Non-Canon pairing or your dream couple made by you!
Go here for all the contest details and instructions on how to enter.


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