Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bedeviled Liaison Graphic #4 - Caius & Rose by CareMarie

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How many of you have "I <3 Caius" t-shirts? *Points to her own* I know! My favorite character to write about is Caius, too; there's not much known about this scowling villain, which makes him more fun to put on a paper. So when our own Pursuer here at The LUV'NV thought of this pairing, I screamed!!! Seriously, I did.
Maybe it's just me (and obviously CareMarie), but I think this pairing could really work. Sure, it'd be more than an uphill battle for these two--they might just kill each other, actually--yet it woud be intriguing to watch the collision course of the spoiled Queen Bitch and the mysterious Unforgiving Leader...and even more witness them come out on top because of it.

Check out CareMarie's entry for our Bedeviled Liaison Graphic Contest:

Rosalie & Caius
(Nikki Reed & Jamie Campbell-Bower)
by CareMarie

Original Images Used:

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