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"My Dying Wish" by peters.kitten

So I start reading this story and think interesting, we get to see Jasper's point of view during the initial cafeteria scene from Twilight. But before the Cullens have a chance to lay eyes on "the new girl", Jasper is doubled over by intense waves of emotion. So much so that he, a vampire, is literally in pain. Then he hears...a "sorry Jasper". The "new girl", Bella somehow knows Jasper by name. Not only that, she knows that he is an empath. What else does she know?

As it turns out, she seems to know a lot.

What if Bella knew everything about the Cullens before she arrived in Forks? She knew that she fell in love with Edward and also remembers the devastating pain she felt when he left her.

In Bella's memories, the Cullens don't come back, leaving her alone to face Victoria's newborn army. Or was she alone? Are her memories of "her angel" her mind's reprieve from Victoria's cruel torture? Torture that left her scarred inside and out. Is there really a happy ending for Bella, or is she simply doomed to relive her horrifying past?

Bella's memories have left her a little "rough around the edges". OK, that was sugar-coating it, she's all kinds of crazy. But wouldn't you be if you were walking around in a constant state of deja vu?

Excerpt from Chapter Seven:
"Oh, look, my own personal stalkers. Am I supposed to be feeling honored right now?"

No answer. Not even a hiss. No manners, these two.

"Don't tell me you guys broke in here just to watch me sleep, because, yeah, thats kind of creepy even for you two."

I silently watched as my closet door slid open and Jasper stepped out. At least he had the good grace to look sheepish. I waited for Edward to join him, but Edward always had been the difficult one. Asshole thought the world revolved around him. After about thirty seconds or so, my patience ran out and I'm left feeling totally awkward just sittin' here staring at Jasper. I turned to the one thing that had always been there for me, the number one defense system for my poor pathetic ass human self. Sarcasm.

"Look, Edward, I've heard of monsters under the bed, but this is just ridiculous."

Jasper chuckled and Edward shot out from under the bed like someone had stepped on his tail. Not that he had a tail. Well, he had a tail end, but not an actual tail...damn the proverbial cat that made me think of that metaphor. Not the best time to have a brain fart, Bella.

Also not the best time to be referring to yourself in third person, either. People might start to think your crazy.
Psst, I passed crazy months ago. Am I not, at this very moment, having a conversation with myself inside my head? I'd say that sidesteps crazy and moves straight into 'mad as a March hair' territory.

Did you know the definition of crazy is 'mentally strange'. I've gotta tell you, you are soo mentally strange. I should know, I live in your head. It's a hostile environment; very dog-eat-dog.

Yes, I am well aware. It is my head that we are discussing, after all. So now that we have established that I am crazy, bonkers, berserk, batshit, deranged, demented, everlastingly out to lunch, nutty as a fruitcake, and mad as a hatter, can we please get back to the real issue at hand- the two vamps staring at me like I might actually come off this bed and bite them? Please?

Roger, that. Over and out.

Well, now that thats takin care of...back to the two dead fuckers in my room.

Technically, Jaspers the only 'dead fucker' since Edward still has his v-card. A house full of nude playboy vampire bunnies couldn't yank that sucker away from his prude ass.

True. Hmm...vampire bunnies...could be interesting. Count Bunniculas, maybe?

Yeah, and they could do all the fuckin they wanted without worrying about lil bunpires running around. Think of all the carrots it would save. It could be the end of world hunger!

Oh, shut it, you! Now, back to the two vampires.

The two vampires in question were still standing at the foot of my bed, staring. Just staring. Like they didn't just get caught hiding in my room, after breaking into my house. Uh, stupid vampires.

"Can I help you?" I asked, trying to speed things along. Yeah, I'm nice like that.

"How do you know us?" Edward finally demands, having the nerve to actually bare his teeth at me. Psst, like that would scare me. I've faced worse teeth than yours, squirrel muncher. Felt them slicing through my skin, ripping my flesh apart...Stop it, Bella! Focus!

So, yeah, she's bonkers, but you'll find out why if you read My Dying Wish. Peters.kitten does a great job of leaving you scratching your head after each chapter; waiting with 'bated breath' for the next installment. Also this is peters.kitten's first story! So she deserves some extra loVe for that. I left a review for her story, like the good girl that I am *winks*, and she actually PMed me back. This is an author who cares about her readers. So now its time from you to go check out My Dying Wish and let peters.kitten know what you think.

My Dying Wish and let peters.kitten
WIP - Friendship/Romance - Nomads - R21+
Summary: Listening to Jasper tease Edward about 'finally having a female on top of him' and hearing Edwards hissed reply from underneath my bed was more than I could take. "I've heard of monsters under the bed, but this is just ridiculous." AU, Bella x Peter


  1. I LOVE this story! You did a great job with picking and doing this story Arianna-Janae!! Double thumbs up!

  2. Kit (peters.kitten)January 23, 2011 at 12:49 PM

    Oh, Arianna-Janae, have I told you how much I loved you today? Awesome job on this! You make my story sound so...mysterious, lol. Do I really keep y'all in the dark that much? *Sighs* It's all Bella's fault. She's a paranoid bitch :) Thank you so much for doing this article. I really appreciate it and I am so honored to be featured on this wonderful site!! You girls rock, hard! Thanks again!!

  3. From someone who used to review, well, let's say, *famous* romance novels for a somewhat famous..but now defunct site based on the now-insignificant (so sad) AOL, your review is awesome! You have captured not only the author's talent as it is her first story but the reader's confusion yet undeniable draw to this great non-canon fanfiction. I admit to being totally hooked. Let's face it, I LOVE PETER! Take that as you wish, but I mean Peter Whitlock in this I also love Jasper...Jasper/Bella fics..Bella/Peter fics...and a few Bella/Emmett fics. I'm thrilled to find site and favorited it and will be back!

  4. Thanks Ladies! We love you for your love of the unloved. Did that make sense???