Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bedeviled Liaison Graphic #2 - Aro & Esme by RaindropSoup

*looks down, shuffling feet*
Yes...I entered. Did you really expect me, the creator of the site, not to enter?
Here's my entry, my dream pairing:
Esme & Aro, AH
(Elizabeth Reeser & Michael Sheen)
by RaindropSoup

The Original Images Used:

Can you image it like I can? A western with those two...
*sighs dreamily*...it would be sweet!

***SPECIAL NOTE: We ask that you seek the Artist's permission to use any of the graphics submitted in this contest; otherwise, it would be similar to Graphic Plagiarism ( O.O ?)***

You can view all Bedeviled Liaison entries here.
The LUV'NV wants to see a graphic of your favorite Non-Canon pairing or your dream couple made by you!
Go here for all the contest details and instructions on how to enter.


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