Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"No One Saw the Pain" & sequel "The Family that Stays Together" by Magan Bagan

Title: No One Saw The Pain (Complete)
Author: Magan Bagan
Rated VVM18+
Genre/Category: Romance/Angst, AH
Pairing: Edward & Bella
Summary: When Bella is seventeen she is kidnapped and brutally attacked for weeks. She escapes and is saved by Edward Cullen. Six years later adjusting to normal life is a challenge. Edward enters her life again, shaking things up. All Human. Rated for brutality.

** Sequel Title: The Family that Stays Together (WIP)
Summary: The sequel to No One Saw the Pain, Bella and Edward have a long road ahead of them. But they have each other to help them heal. They can finally start their lives together. What problems could possibly arise for the couple now? All human.


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