Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bedeviled Liaison Graphic #8 - Bella & Caius by Arianna-Janae

*scream* I love the girls here at The LUV'NV! Here's another Caius pairing graphic...because they all know my weird obsession for all things that have to do with a scowling, snow-white haired, werewolf/shapeshifter/people-in-general hater. *laughs*
Check out this next Bedeviled Liaison graphic from our very own
Bella & Caius
(Kristen Stewart & Jamie Campbell-Bower
by Arianna-Janae

Original Images Used:

"I added a forlorn Edward in the background," Autumn noted, "reading prose to Bella as she completely ignores him."

LOL. Did any of you notice that right away? Thank you, Autumn-babe, for entering! Everyone give her a big round of applause--she's just learning how to do graphics!

***SPECIAL NOTE: We ask that you seek the Artist's permission to use any of the graphics submitted in this contest; otherwise, it would be similar to Graphic Plagiarism ( O.O ?)***

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